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5/21/08 Update: Problems fixed…the shopping cart has been updated and things are running smoothly. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you spot an issue or encounter a problem. Thanks!


There are some technical issues with the shoppe right now but they are in the process of being fixed. Thank you for your notes and tips.

We all know how humidity can affect your baked goods. Want to know if today is a good day to mix up some royal icing (which humidity is known to play havoc with)?  Check out www.weatherbonk.com they offer cameras, maps, and a detailed forecast, humidity included.

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We’ve opened a shop full of the tools and essentials every baker wants at their fingertips. You’ll find tips, bags, mixers, music, gift ideas (for you and the baker you love), safety items, and a library of resources. Think we should have something listed that we’ve forgotten? Send us a note!

There is a permanent link to the shop in our sidebar to the right.

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Who doesn’t love a cookie? We had a blast creating these baby shower cookies. A bib, a onesie, and a duck make a nice trio. Run and royal icing transform simple cookie cutters and patterns to well known images. We tried a new product with this batch of cookies, CK Products Royal & Picture Icing. It is a lovely product that is quick to mix, set, and very enjoyable to use. The outlines set up quickly and the run can be altered as needed without breaking down into an unusable mixture. Another benefit was a simple one package creation that didn’t require multiple bags of sugar and additions. When you don’t have the time and need a product that you can go to for success, we highly recommend it.

Yummy cookies for the new parents.

 White baby onesie outfit with pacifier candy.


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