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Who doesn’t love a cookie? We had a blast creating these baby shower cookies. A bib, a onesie, and a duck make a nice trio. Run and royal icing transform simple cookie cutters and patterns to well known images. We tried a new product with this batch of cookies, CK Products Royal & Picture Icing. It is a lovely product that is quick to mix, set, and very enjoyable to use. The outlines set up quickly and the run can be altered as needed without breaking down into an unusable mixture. Another benefit was a simple one package creation that didn’t require multiple bags of sugar and additions. When you don’t have the time and need a product that you can go to for success, we highly recommend it.

Yummy cookies for the new parents.

 White baby onesie outfit with pacifier candy.


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This was a baby shower cake we created for a couple expecting a boy. They requested “blue” coloring which we applied to the cake booties. Yes, the booties are cake, completely edible, adding additional cake pieces. We placed royal icing flowers along the border and piped in some leaves. We filled the booties with candy pacifiers and placed a decorative bracelet on the cake for a finishing touch. The icing dots are an example of how a little extra touch can make a difference on the overall look of the cake. The dots created a texture that resembled a quilt or blanket.

When you make a cake that utilizes little drop flowers or candy features you can offer the remaining items as favors or as substitutions. Drop flowers make great additions to a tea party. Want a littler sugar added to your drink? Why not use a beautiful flower. The days of dainty sugar cubes and tea parties don’t have to regulated to a thing of the past. These additions that become a part of a bakers every day world can really brighten up an event or make someone’s day.

Baby Shower Cake

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