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Nope, we haven’t passed out from too much coconut. We’ve just been super busy. Lots of new creations, ideas, recipes, and products coming through our barn doors. Many thanks to our readers and followers who haven’t forgotten us!

One of the projects we’ve been working on is a new product line called “Frosted Foodie.” You can find everything from clothing to tote bags in our store. We will keep putting out new products and will be happy to hear any ideas you may have that you’d like to see us tackle.


Here is our “Cupcake Pirate” design on a t-shirt:

and on a magnet:

What about a recipe binder for all your sweet recipes? As we’ve been changed over to an all vegan menu, we’ve been cleaning up our own recipe storage. This binder offers a variety of methods to keep your precious recipes. You could make photo collages of your recipes, keep written recipes in protective sleeves, print your recipes out on great paper, or even create a scrapbook.

Lots of fun stuff to come! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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The 2009 Wilton Tent Sale is upon us! Unfortunately, we won’t be attending this year, but I hope the rest of you have @ the tent. If you can make, it is well worth the time and effort.

Wilton Tent Sale

May 29 – June 16

Saturday & Sunday 8am – 6pm

Monday thru Friday 9am – 8pm

This year they’ve expanded the crafts section and will be offering a large selection of craft products and scrapbook essentials.

And…free demonstrations!

Don’t miss any of the great demonstrations of Wilton products and techniques that will be offered by The Wilton School. All demonstrations are from 11 am – 2 pm.

Saturday May 30th Fondant Decorating Techniques

Tuesday June 2nd Chocolate

Wednesday June 3rd Fondant Decorating Techniques

Thursday June 4th Buttercream Decorating Techniques

Friday June 5th Buttercream Decorating Techniques

Saturday June 6th Chocolate

Monday June 8th Buttercream Decorating Techniques

Wednesday June 10th Fondant Decorating Techniques

Thursday June 11th Chocolate

Friday June 12th Buttercream Decorating Techniques

Saturday June 13th Fondant Decorating Techniques

Have fun in Woodridge!

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Football or cake? I’ll let you fight that battle. For the lover of all things cake, this is indeed a “super” weekend. Don’t pass out in the cake before you check out these listings:

FOOD Network

Saturday, January 31, 2009   2:00 PM ET/PT

Cirque du Soleil Cakes

Four top pastry chefs square off in a competition to see who best captures the spirit of the Cirque du Soleil La Nouba performance. The winner takes home $10,000 and a gold medal.

Sunday, February 1, 2009  3:00 PM ET/PT

Wedding Cake Surprise

Five cake decorators design wedding cakes specifically for a couple they meet a night before the competition. The winning cake not only earns $10,000 but is actually served at the couples’ wedding the following evening.

Sunday, February 1, 2009  4:00 PM ET/PT

National Wedding Cake Championship

Over 80 top cake decorators travel from all over the world to compete in one of the world’s premier wedding cake competitions. A cash prize and industry bragging rights are at stake.

Sunday, February 1, 2009 5:00 PM ET/PT

Challenge: Designer Wedding Cake Cook-Off

Over 70 competitors descend on Tulsa, Oklahoma with every imaginable wedding cake idea to see how their creations stack up against some of the best designers in the country! Seven of the best competitors will take this challenge to another level, going head-to-head in the “One Tip Contest.” They’ll have only one hour and one decorating tip to create a design that truly takes the cake.

Sunday, February 1, 2009 6:00 PM ET/PT

Challenge: Ultimate Wedding Cakes

Food Network brings together five of the country’s best pastry artists to design the perfect wedding cake for a real-life wedding. Watch as some of Food Network’s biggest stars, including Giada De Laurentiis and Warren Brown, help the lucky couple choose their dream confection.

Sunday, February 1, 2009  7:00 PM ET/PT

Challenge: Wedding Cake Classic

It’s a bride’s fantasy and a cake decorator’s dream. Dozens of decorators travel to Tulsa to compete for a cut of the $10,000 purse. Art is the name of the game at this show, only these sculptures and paintings are done with sugar and icing. It is three days packed with taste, style and beauty, making for one grand reception with a sweet reward in the end.

Sunday, February 1, 2009 8:00 PM ET/PT

Surprise Engagement Cake

Four of the nation’s top cake designers compete to make the cake for a couple’s engagement party, but there’s one GIANT catch. The couple isn’t engaged yet! The proposal happens right before the competition starts and the pressure builds from there. With $10,000 on the line, the four competitors have to create 3-foot cakes in just 7 hours, and they’ll need to get inspiration from a woman who may or may not be happy with what her boyfriend just proposed.


February 3, 2009  7pm/6c

Sweet 16

Sweet 16 parties are all the rage, and in this challenge, four cake designers try to make a sweet sixteen cake for a lavish birthday party.

Photo credit: berent @ stock.xchng

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You’ve made it past the Thanksgiving hump, akin to Wednesday, the mid-week hump, and now you are faced with December–the month of baking and eating. For some, the baking and eating are purely spectator sports, and for others, the month of December offers a chance for full hand-to-flour contact.

Family gatherings, gifts for friends, coworkers, and neighbors can get your oven humming and your home smelling like a bakery. Worried you won’t have enough ideas, recipes, or skills to carry out the holiday season? Don’t worry, there are some wonderful resources available that will help get you through the holidays with a smile on your face.

Join us for the month of December as we guide you through the maze of holiday baking.


Photo credit: Per Hardestam

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Cake decorators are asked to create cakes out of every image, design, or character one can imagine. Like the time we were asked to “work the Enron logo” into a baby shower cake. A request like that can make you want to ask a long list of questions, but somehow, you’re not sure you want to know. Some ideas turn out brilliantly, and well… others are best left on the drawing board. We’ve all been there. All one can do is just laugh it off and learn from our mistakes.

Sometimes, as Jen at Cake Wrecks illustrates, it isn’t always the hideous colors or poor design skills that ruin a cake, the “wreck” is often in the details. Wreck-worthy details include odd concepts for a cake design, and unintelligible messages riddled with punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors.

Check out an interview with Jen over at Cakelava.

While we may wish our cakes never grace her pages, if you don’t work yourself into a fit of giggles when you view this site, all pastry tools should be removed from your hands. Cake decorating without a sense of humor is not allowed.

Were you ever asked to create a cake that you knew would not…ahem…”translate” well? Received some odd cake requests that you just didn’t know how to work into a cake? Let’s hear about’em.

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We can’t get enough of television shows that feature cake decorators. Women’s Entertainment, WE TV, has a new half-hour series dedicated to the Wedding Cake and the people who make them, appropriately called, Amazing Wedding Cakes. Bakeries in New York, LA, and Chicago will be featured in the show.

When: Sunday, September 7, 2008
When: 9:00 pm Central
Where: WE TV of course…

Come back and tell us what you think of it!

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Etsy is a wonderful venue for any crafter, artist, and makers of all things handmade. Aside from the great opportunity it provides to showcase your creations, the community of crafters and buyers cannot be beat. We are happy to say that we’ve opened our Etsy door and will soon have our flowers and cake toppers available for sale.


If you are local we are more than happy to make arrangements for local pickup. Let us know and we’ll reserve your item at Etsy.


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