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Cake decorators are asked to create cakes out of every image, design, or character one can imagine. Like the time we were asked to “work the Enron logo” into a baby shower cake. A request like that can make you want to ask a long list of questions, but somehow, you’re not sure you want to know. Some ideas turn out brilliantly, and well… others are best left on the drawing board. We’ve all been there. All one can do is just laugh it off and learn from our mistakes.

Sometimes, as Jen at Cake Wrecks illustrates, it isn’t always the hideous colors or poor design skills that ruin a cake, the “wreck” is often in the details.¬†Wreck-worthy details include odd concepts for a cake design, and unintelligible messages riddled with punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors.

Check out an interview with Jen over at Cakelava.

While we may wish our cakes never grace her pages, if you don’t work yourself into a fit of giggles when you view this site,¬†all pastry tools should be removed from your hands. Cake decorating without a sense of humor is not allowed.

Were you ever asked to create a cake that you knew would not…ahem…”translate” well? Received some odd cake requests that you just didn’t know how to work into a cake? Let’s hear about’em.

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