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Some of the most difficult cake decorating challenges can be solved by some of the great “printables” sites that are available to all, free of charge. Whether you are in need of a creative spark to help you pull together a professional or family celebration, these sites can offer the inspiration you need to link the theme, invitations, design, and set up. Sometimes we just need that creative boost. One such site is Kaboose. They have information for holidays, birthdays, and all the days in between that deserve to be celebrated.

In need of some birthday guidance? From the invitations to the cake design, you can’t go wrong when incorporating birthday printables into your research.

We’ve often been in a position where we needed a physical representation of an item or an odd-shaped box. Mirkwood Designs is a wonderful resource for templates for boxes, cards, baskets and envelopes.  

While these sites may not be a traditional method for inspiration, they are bound to spark a new interest or design that you can turn into beautiful edible art.

Have any sites to share? As this site matures we hope to provide a comprehensive list of sites that are helpful and inspirational.

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This cake is covered in chocolate. It is soft and pliable like fondant, but don’t be mistaken, it is pure chocolate. The cake is chocolate too. The flowers and leaves are fondant. This cake came out of a “hmm, can I do this?” moment. It was very delicious and not overly sweet.

Chocolate Tiered Dreams

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This cake was one of the first ones we made. Covering a square cake in fondant is tricky and takes more time than a round cake. Making decorations out of fondant is fun and it is great to hear people ask how in the world you can make a bow or flower out of the stuff!

An Edible Package

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